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Louise Barnekow, Chief Product Officer at Mynewsdesk.
Louise Barnekow, Chief Product Officer at Mynewsdesk.

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Mynewsdesk enhances journalist reach by providing media database

By partnering with Agility PR Solutions, Mynewsdesk is now providing customers with a journalist database containing over 800,000 contacts from all over the world. The reason and goal behind the new partnership is simple: to provide communications professionals with enhanced distribution.

Telling brand stories has never been more important than it is today, and at the same time it has never been more challenging trying to cut through the noise. By accessing a robust media database, Mynewsdesk’s customers will easily be able to pinpoint key contacts and influential audiences within the media and journalism industry.

The ‘Audience Builder’ allows you to search for relevant journalists and influencers on a range of criteria, including the topics they cover. Once you have created your customised media lists you can publish and distribute your story, tracking its performance in real time to see open rate and engagement.

“By providing the Audience Builder, our customers will be able to reach beyond their current network and build new and valuable relationships within the journalist community,” said Louise Barnekow, Chief Product Officer at Mynewsdesk.

The Mynewsdesk all-in-one platform allows you to gather current and new contacts in the same place. As a PR professional, building good relationships with journalists is the most important skill in our day-to-day work, in able to ensure you’re engaging the right journalists with the right material.

“By combining extended reach and connecting it with other parts of the PR workflow within our tool, such as contact insights, we are ensuring our customers are ahead of the game concerning data-driven communication and getting the results they need,” concluded Louise.

Mynewsdesk is now serving over 100,000 communicators in more than 100 countries. The platform allows communicators to take control of their digital PR efforts. From media monitoring, publishing brand stories to connecting with journalists and analysing their results, it’s an all-in-one digital platform that improves workflow efficiency for PR and communications professionals.

For more information, please contact:

Nicoletta Nicoli, Country Manager UK, Mynewsdesk at 020 7645 2357

Sara Lindström, Global PR Manager, Mynewsdesk at +46 76 288 56 15



Mynewsdesk’s complete communications solution enables you to simplify your workflow, expand your influence and get results. Monitor what’s being said, create and publish stories, engage with your audience and analyze results - all from one digital solution.

Brands already using Mynewsdesk include VisaSonyCosta CoffeeVisit Scotland and The Metropolitan Police.

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Mynewsdesk helps companies create awareness, find the right audience and build strong relationships.

By providing a user-friendly online solution, Mynewsdesk simplifies and streamlines the publishing, distribution and measuring of your PR and communication efforts. All in one digital place. By consolidating all aspects of PR in one platform, brand and media monitoring is also made easy, helping companies track their engagement over time .

Mynewsdesk has 1.6 million unique visitors monthly and publishes 80,000 news stories per year. Over 4,000 companies across the globe trust Mynewsdesk’s platform to improve their PR efforts and 70% gain media uptake on their news.

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